About Afsaneh

About Afsaneh

Afsaneh Sadeghi is a certified medical aesthetician. Born into a highly educated family in Tehran, Iran – her grandfather a family physician, uncle a pediatric specialist, and close relatives medical doctors – she was encouraged to study medicine, and attended Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBMUS or SBMU), graduating as a medical doctor (GP). Later becoming a national board-certified anesthesiologist, Afsaneh worked as an assistant and as Associate Professor of Anesthesiology in SBMUS (second-ranked medical school in Iran) for 25 years.

During her anesthesiology career, Afsaneh observed that the facial skin of her patients did not always accurately reflect their chronological age, and this sparked a deep curiosity and intense interest in learning more about skin aging and how we might be able to make ourselves look younger.

After 9 years in a centre specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery, becoming more familiar with esthetics, Afsaneh entered the medical aesthetics field and received certification to perform treatments. When later taking up residence in Canada, she decided to make medical aesthetics her career, undergoing Canadian training and certification in medical aesthetics.

Afsaneh’s passion and what occupies most of her leisure time is continued research into the latest rejuvenation treatments and techniques. And if she is not researching, you may find her walking, at the movies, or hanging out with her friends.

As a woman, Afsaneh knows how important appearance can be to our self-esteem and how as we mature in age our looks can change. Besides living a healthy lifestyle, there other things we can do to care for our skin, to keep it healthy and good looking.

Afsaneh’s goal is to provide her clients with high quality, results-driven treatments to restore, revitalize and rejuvenate their skin’s appearance and to enhance their self-image and self-esteem.